Anita pursued her passion for music by being active in the local BHEL Ladies Club (of the town in north India where she currently resides) as a participant in numerous cultural programmes. She soon became the cultural secretary of the club. She still plays the same role and whenever she is not, she is actively involved as an advisor for all the club activities and functions. She directed a 30 minutes musical ballet (Indian classical) based on Sohal Lal Dwivedi's poem "EK BOOND" (One Drop). She was also the singer for the play. She then directed numerous musical ballets based on various mythological characters such as Bhasmasur, Mohini, Radha Raas, etc. Her first album "BANNO RANI LADLI" was released in June 2001. RAMA MUSIC INDUSTRIES produced the album. In October 2001, VIVIDH BHARTI DELHI (National Radio Station of India) recorded her folk songs. In September 2002, VAISHNAO SOUND MUSIC COMPANY, Delhi recorded a video album of bhajan (devotional) songs, JAMUNA KINARE MORA GAON. It was released recently in 2003. She also did a Prabhakar (certification in Indian classical music) in the same year. Currently, she is ocupied with choreographing, directing cultural programmes and judjing numerous cultural competitions besides working on her next album.
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